When Lasting Impact Matters.

Organizations choose Celeste Stacey when they want the best outcomes.

When lasting impact and outcomes matter, it is important to choose a professional development partner who deeply understands what it takes to truly bring out the best in your team and you.

Celeste leverages her decades of executive coaching, training, leadership and analytical expertise to design transformative professional development solutions that create lasting change.

"While there are tons of trainings available offered by a number of skilled professionals, we knew the outcome we needed was critical and the delivery essential. Celeste immediately came to mind."

- Kelly, Human Resources Director

"The resulting training far exceeded our expectations and underscored to us what sets Celeste apart from other skilled professionals out there."

- Amy, Chief Administrator

- Pam, Administrative Director

Featured Training:

Transformative Critical Thinking

with the "MPO Advantage"  

Celeste designed this transformative, custom training based on organizational requests to help teams:
-> Quickly cut through confusion, overwhelm, and simplify lots of information being thrown at them (both internally and externally) when trying to navigate a problem.
-> Listen better and understand others (and themselves) on a deeper level.
-> Identify and choose the best outcomes to complex personal and professional challenges.

-> Maximize collaboration and teamwork
-> Create measurable results.

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Conquering Imposter Syndrome

Per the National Library of Medicine, Imposter Syndrome (IS), aka Imposter Phenomenon (IP), is "a behavioral health phenomenon described as self-doubt of intellect, skills, or accomplishments among high-achieving individuals." When left unchecked, this phenomenon can undermine our expertise and threaten potential opportunities. Celeste's deeply insightful, experiential training is designed to help participants:

-> Quickly uncover the root cause of their IS/IP, despite how things may appear on the surface.
-> Understand deeply-entrenched, often imperceptible patterns of behavior that contribute to IS/IP and how to overcome them.
-> Navigate challenges that trigger IS/IP and move forward with confidence, power and purpose.
-> Create measurable results.

Navigating the Complex Intersections of

Supportive Leadership

Celeste's signature, keynote-based custom training is designed to help leaders:
-> Strategically challenge common assumptions of what it means to guide, support and care for the individuals we work with every day.
-> Identify and understand "hidden disease" in key interactions and scenarios.

-> Uncover hidden "toxic leadership" patterns and how to overcome them.
-> Navigate the internal and external conflicts that can hinder meaningful change.
-> Co-create solutions that maximize 360-degree impact, growth, value and satisfaction.

The ABCs of DEI:

Supporting Diversity Through Mentorship, Sponsorship and Coaching

As a Certified Diversity Executive, Celeste strategically designed this keynote and experientially-inspired training to help participants:
-> Understand the meaning of true diversity, despite very common misconceptions that tend to divide and exclude.

-> Navigate the tricky "fact/feeling" intersections that can hinder meaningful progress.
Uncover their unique value, influence and impact.
-> Normalize coaching in their organizations.

-> Implement measurable, meaningful, (and very doable) strategies that foster true diversity and organizational advantage, instead of focusing on "checking the boxes".

Now, more than ever, leaders recognize the increasing value of gaining deeper, highly-nuanced perspectives into their customers, employees and overall environment to create innovative outcomes in an ever-evolving landscape. Top organizations understand that further distinguishing themselves requires expertly training their teams on all levels to dig beneath the surface and gain even greater insight, so they can quickly navigate complex challenges and create extraordinary results.

Celeste designs every experiential workshop to equip individuals with the skills they need to uncover and expertly analyze real-time hidden cues and information that are often largely missed or grossly misinterpreted in everyday interactions and scenarios.

These rich, hands-on strategic learning experiences use a unique, high-impact combination of Human Behavior, Business and Emotional Intelligence techniques, condensed into super-simple models that participants can use immediately to quickly navigate complex problems and get the key insights they need to create the best outcomes.

Celeste’s mission in every training is to foster an environment of support, inclusion, innovation, and to energize your team’s commitment to personal and organizational excellence. 

Who do these customized workshops benefit?

Leaders and rising professionals who want to:

  • Lead innovative teams
  • Explore a new way of approaching problems
  • Understand others on a deeper level and gain hidden insights
  • Maximize their impact, growth, value and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives
  • Gain deep clarity and understanding of their unique purpose and how to step into it
  • Become a magnet for the people and opportunities they want
  • Create meaningful, measurable change in theirs and others' lives

What participants gain:

  • Understand and identify the "hidden cues" to look for in every interaction and scenario
  • Learn how to quickly simplify and break through even the most complex challenges
  • Engage in innovative problem analysis activities that create optimal, measurable results
  • Create a personal action plan to use their new 'super-powers' in the workplace and beyond
  • Maximize their impact, growth, value and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives
  • Identify and understand what makes them a "Must-Have" (beyond their job description)
  • Navigate the internal and external conflicts that come with developing a unique brand of excellence
  • Engage in strategic design activities that empower personal goals and awesome outcomes
  • Create a strong foundation for next-level dreams