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"I help organizational leaders and teams gain deeper insights into themselves and the clients they serve, so they can create the best outcomes."

Coach Celeste Stacey is a Leading Business Intelligence Analyst, Mindset Breakthrough Coach, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Leader, and Keynote Speaker. She has spent over two decades helping Fortune 500, Public Sector and Higher Education organizations gain critical insights and make their best strategic decisions to optimize impact, profitability and mission-critical outcomes.

In her private coaching practice, Celeste works with clients across the United States and Canada, helping them break through mental barriers that block them from the outcomes they really want.

Whether working with organizations or individuals, Celeste helps clients uncover critical blindspots, create key breakthroughs and build the courage to live authentically while achieving unprecedented outcomes.


"Celeste Stacey is outstanding.  She goes above and beyond to create a presentation that is meaningful, relevant, and specific to the audience.  Prior to her presentation, Celeste interviewed various key members and leaders of the audience community to gain perspective and to understand our specific needs and challenges aimed at an audience with diverse job roles in a clinical laboratory setting.  During those meetings, she listened to understand, asked questions to clarify, and was a terrific sounding board.  The resulting presentation was outstanding, thought-provoking and far exceeded my expectations, including providing us with tools for assessing the current state and suggestions for next steps."

- Sarah B., MD, FCAP, Vice Chair of Faculty, Duke University Medical University, Department of Pathology

"Celeste Stacey was fabulous! Right out of the gate she challenged us, a group of seasoned project managers, to just not think of ourselves as “problem solvers”. What?! Through sharing success of her clients and engaging us in a fun exercise, she proved there was a better approach. She went on to share tips on how to show our employers the value we add to our company. Celeste is knowledgeable, charismatic, and leaves you wanting more!"

- Charlene G., PMP, President, - Deborah C., PMP, Vice President, Global Sisters in Project Management

"What struck me immediately is Celeste's ability to bring diverse people together and mediate many differing points of view to come to a solution that works in everyone's best interest. Her people-skills are impeccable and she is approachable, professional, intelligent and experienced in her field. She leads effortlessly, bringing out the best in everyone, while still meeting and exceeding expectations and goals. I feel very lucky to have worked with her and look forward to future opportunities."

- Michele H., Training Manager, Learning and Performance

"I realized I needed a coach when I took on a new role at work, and my head was spinning trying to figure out how I would make time to do what I needed to do to be successful in this new role. I was already busy with constant churn. I felt like I was running on a hamster wheel. Celeste helped me to understand what areas of my professional self needed work. She helped me to appreciate my own personal insights and tools and repurpose them in my professional life. I couldn't have done it without Celeste! Since working with Celeste, I am no longer on the hamster wheel, and I have learned to prioritize my work and self-care while at work so that my best self can show up. I am very grateful to have worked with Celeste. She is an outstanding listener who is truly interested and passionate about helping people realize their potential."

- Sarah B., Vice Chair

"At the end of my very first session with Celeste, I recall a welcome feeling of satiety. Working with Celeste was a chance for me to address and develop my truths, my thoughts, my desires; it was also an opportunity for me to map out the plan for enhancing my life. It has bound my journeys into a collective that merits and gets my attention consistently. This has made me stronger, wiser, bolder, uninhibited, less afraid, and more confident."

- Kelly M., Human Resources Director

"Celeste was part of a hand-picked team responsible for implementing a critical project for an office in Japan in a very short period of time.  Celeste's talents in deriving business requirements and incorporating them into the end product became evident very early on in the project. Due to her excellence, we asked Celeste to stay on with us and broaden her role, where she was successful in providing important insights into the Search Engine Management platform. I would recommend Celeste to anyone."

- Dave H., Senior VP

"Celeste is a highly skilled analyst who is able to work in any environment. When Celeste was working on a project I had full confidence. I would be very happy if I was able to work with her again."

- Eric K., IT Director

"Celeste is one of the most well rounded professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with. She has ethics, integrity, a customer service attitude with an ever present smile. She will selflessly share her knowledge with others, and is constantly striving to better herself one more notch every day."

- Mansur H., Cybersecurity Leader, Speaker, Author

"Celeste has been a delight to work with! She's not only an expert at navigating the technical and setting up an effective model, she is excellent at zeroing in on the REAL issue that needs to be addressed with great insight and wisdom, calling me up to a higher version of myself!"

- Robin E., Wellness Expert

"Coach Celeste provided a great deal of insight into every situation. She really helped me see a side of myself that I hadn’t noticed before. I personally took away a great deal in every session and was able to grow a great deal through my work with Coach Celeste. My partner and I owe a lot of our success together to Celeste's coaching."

- Corey H., Stylist

Celeste has a unique way of gathering and understanding business requirements and then successfully guiding the team in the creation of the solution. She worked on many critical projects including a major rearchitecting and rapid product roll out into Japan. I would not hesitate to hire her again.

- Tom I., CIO 

Phenomenal!!!! I struggled with my personal belief systems, I was scared, I wanted to give a lot of push back …but Celeste kept pushing us and growing us. The excuses that you give yourself will dissolve... Then out of nowhere, the work becomes a daily rite of passage. I have never met a person so driven for another person’s dream to come alive. Personable, authentic, and unbelievably WORTH it! 

- Greta M., PhD., Author, Educator, Ordained Minister.

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