"Intelligent Insight + Simplicity = Success"

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"I help organizational leaders and teams gain deeper insights into themselves and the clients they serve, so they can create the best outcomes."

Coach Celeste Stacey is a sought-after Mindset Coach, Organizational Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and Certified Diversity Executive. She is also a retired Business Intelligence Analyst. She has spent over two decades helping Fortune 500, Public Sector, Higher Education and Third Sector organizations gain critical insights and make their best strategic decisions to optimize impact, profitability and mission-critical outcomes.

In her private coaching practice, Celeste helps chronically-overwhelmed professionals regain control so they can enjoy life again.


Phenomenal!!!! I struggled with my personal belief systems, I was scared, I wanted to give a lot of push back …but Celeste kept pushing us and growing us. The excuses that you give yourself will dissolve... Then out of nowhere, the work becomes a daily rite of passage. I have never met a person so driven for another person’s dream to come alive. Personable, authentic, and unbelievably WORTH it! 

- Greta, Thought Leader, Author, Educator, Ordained Minister.

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