"At the intersection of facts and feelings, is a world of hidden insights that are often largely missed, or terribly misinterpreted. Knowing how to navigate that world unlocks the door to extraordinary outcomes "

- Celeste Stacey

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Are You "The Shock Absorber?": Navigating the Complex Intersections of Supportive Leadership.

Course Description: Increasingly, leaders on all levels are silently suffering. Middle managers, especially, have increasingly higher rates of depression, anxiety and more than half say they feel "constantly worried". 47% take their work home with them just to keep up. Leaders regularly absorb shock from all directions, yet struggle to feel supported themselves. In this innovative training, leaders will learn new techniques to receive and model the support they so desperately need so that they can do their best work and live their best lives.

Who Is This For?

Leaders and rising professionals who want to:

  • Discover new perspectives that foster growth and increase effectiveness in teamwork and support.
  • Explore a new way of approaching problems
  • Learn facilitation techniques and communication skills to foster creative thinking.
  • Uncover hidden insights in themselves and their teams
  • Challenge status quo leadership assumptions.
  • Model self-care and wellness behaviors to encourage workforce satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Create meaningful, measurable change in their lives
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What participants gain:

  • Understand and identify the "hidden cues" to look for in every interaction and scenario
  • Learn how to quickly simplify and break through even the most complex challenges
  • Engage in innovative problem analysis activities that create optimal, measurable results
  • Create a personal action plan to use their new 'super-powers' in the workplace and beyond
  • Maximize their impact, growth, value and satisfaction in their personal and professional lives
  • Identify and understand what makes them a "Must-Have" (beyond their job description)
  • Set the stage for their personalized next-level vision of success